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Pon Sivakumar

Sales representative



Surrounding yourself with people that are more knowledgeable & focused on specific aspects of real estate not only improves your percentage of a successful transaction it also provides you with the intangible peace of mind that is difficult to put a dollar amount to.

No matter how sophisticated or business savy you may consider yourself it is unlikely that you have the complete experience that encompasses all the areas of dealing in real estate. Understanding local markets, by-laws, investment financing, renovation co-ordination, tenant landlord laws, marketing properties, home staging, contract law, price negotiations, just to name a few can be daunting,  no one person can possibly be expected to have all the expertise or time required to be diligent in the complete process.

We help put your team together such as  Your Relator, Your Lender, Your Lawyer, Your Home Inspector, Home Stager, Your Movers and Other Spheres of Influence and provide you with the right professional players who will guide you through a successful transaction. Whether you may be missing one or all components of your team the goal is to make sure all your bases are covered, guess work eliminated and everyone is coordinated working in sync.

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